Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead 2014

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014) แมดแบร์รี่ ถล่มซอมบี้ ผีแก๊สโซฮอล์

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead  Together with his wife Annie and mechanic Barry, as well as their daughter Meganne and Meganne, he lives in the Australian Outback. Barry’s sister Brooke is assaulted by her assistant and model at her Bulla Victoria studio in the midst of the meteor shower. Barry is alerted by her, and she contacts her. Annie, Meganne, and Barry don gas masks to make their way to their car with their family. Meganne, Annie and Barry are infected by the gas masks and are zombies. Barry must then kill the three with the nail gun. Before he is able to self-destruct, he runs out of nail polish.

Chalker Another survivor spots Barry and is able to knock Barry unconscious. Barry then tries to take his own life using the gun of Chalker. Barry is able to ask Chalker for help in getting the studio of Brooke. He doesn’t realize that a paramilitary organization has captured Barry hostage in the back seat of a vehicle, which is a mobile lab for the mad scientist Doc. The truck of Chalker suddenly ceases to function as Doc is testing on Brooke and the zombies. Chalker as well as Barry continue to walk, and Benny another survivor accidentally murders Chalker. Barry and Benny who previously been forced to kill their brother who was infected together, find an abandoned garage that is staffed by Frank as well as his assistant. Frank declares that all liquids that ignite are no longer needed. The group learns that zombie breath and blood can be flammable, and they create an engine powered by zombies. Frank’s assistant is infected while they escape, and is used to power the engine.

Frank, Benny and Barry discover that zombies don’t inhale flammable gas during the night. This lets them accelerate their speed. Frank believes that the meteor shower was responsible for the zombies to develop. Based on the Bible, Wyrmwood, a star that has made certain people in the world bitter and bitter, is the thing that Frank and Benny find out when they sleep in the truck for the night. Barry accidentally set the compressor of the truck on the fire following an uncontrollable nightmare. Frank is bitten as Barry attempts to extinguish the fire. Barry agrees to shoot Frank. Barry and Benny encounter paramilitary soldiers in an electric-powered vehicle the following day. After they reveal that only people who have blood types that are A-negative are affected by the disease, they offer to transport Barry and Benny to Brooke. Brooke is said to be held in a nearby jail. Brooke realizes that she is effectively control zombies as a result of the research. She is able to kill Doc by using numerous zombies, and then escapes from the truck , escaping to be with Barry as well as Benny.

When the soldiers mistakenly kill the zombie that was powering Barry’s truck Barry’s truck is destroyed. Brooke stops at a rest stop to collect an undead for Benny however, Benny is mortally wounded by a stomach wound. The soldiers take control of Benny and then pull her over to assist her later. The soldiers realize their plan to take out Brooke and then hand her over to their commanding officer. Barry plans to blow up the entire group however, Benny commits suicide to transform into zombie-like to let Brooke to take control of him and to overpower the soldiers. Brooke is wounded in the chest by the captain after killing two of the three soldiers. Barry confronts the captain in fight, but he gets shot when the captain pulls out his gun. Barry ignites the matches, and then sprays zombie blood onto the face of the captain when shooting one. Brooke orders a group of zombies to take out the captain prior to Barry is able to shoot him.

On the way back, Barry and Brooke come upon the truck again. Brooke commands a new group of zombies to take on the soldiers and break them up.